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Our expertise ranges from legal to employment, healthcare, housing, and education – we've got you covered.
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Our AI coaches are here to provide the UK’s best advice and support. Designed to truly understand your unique needs!
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View available jobs and get notified in WhatsApp when new jobs are available.  We'll even help you write youCV!
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Link up with others in the online community, to access important peer support, and find support in your local area.
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Our business supports 100s of languages for communication, from our WhatsApp chats to our content platform.

All The Support You Need

Support Areas available within the portal for employees

Immigration Process Guidance
Step-by-step assistance on visa applications, extensions, and citizenship processes.
Document Assistance
Support in obtaining and managing essential legal documents like National Insurance numbers, driver’s licenses, etc. 
Asylum and Refugee Support
Specialized assistance for those seeking asylum or refugee status, including legal representation and advice. 
Legal Rights Education
Information on workers’ rights, antidiscrimination laws, and how to seek legal recourse. 
Family Reunification Assistance
Help with procedures and applications for bringing family members to the UK.
Job Search Tools
Platforms for finding suitable job opportunities and application assistance. 
Resume & Interview Preparation
Workshops and one-on-one sessions for resume building and interview skills. 
Career Counselling
Personalized guidance on career paths and professional development. 
Skill Recognition and Certification
Assistance in getting foreign qualifications recognized and obtaining necessary certifications.
Worker Rights and Advocacy
Information on labor laws, worker rights, and unions or advocacy groups.  
NHS System Navigation
Guidance on how to use the NHS, including registration and accessing services.
Health Insurance Information
Information on health insurance options for those not eligible for NHS coverage.
Mental Health Support
Access to mental health resources and counseling services. 
Language & Translation Services
Availability of interpreters and translated materials for non-English speakers. 
Healthcare Rights Education
Information on healthcare rights and how to advocate for oneself in the healthcare system.
Housing Search Assistance
Resources and tools to find affordable and suitable housing. 
Tenant Rights Education
Information on tenant rights and responsibilities. 
Community Integration Programs
Initiatives to help immigrants integrate into local communities. 
Financial Advice for Housing
Guidance on budgeting, financial assistance, and understanding rental agreements. 
Legal Assistance in Housing
Support in dealing with legal issues related to housing, like disputes or eviction. 
Language Learning Programs
English language courses and resources. 
Credential Evaluation & Recognition Services
Assistance in getting international qualifications recognized.
Vocational Training & Upskilling
Courses and training programs to gain UK-specific skills. 
Educational Guidance & Counseling
Advice on further education and training opportunities in the UK. 
Scholarship and Financial Aid Information
Information on financial support for education. 

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My UK Life streamlines info access for global recruits' settlement.

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Ellipse 230

Owner of Café Chain

“So far I’ve learned about so much out there I had no idea about. It’s helped me get going on my journey.

Local Shop Manager

“The legislation is so confusing on what to do to achieve Net Zero. The advice sorted out what we needed to do and when.
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NHS Software Suppliers

I needed help to demonstrated my compliance for a new NHS Contract. The virtual coach was excellent to guide me.
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The virtual coach was invaluable in helping me demonstrate compliance for a new NHS contract. Excellent guidance and support..

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